Professor Song Ke, PhD FRSM, MBAcC, FATCM, Academy Principal

Professor Song KeProfessor Song Ke, founder and principal of Asanté Academy of Chinese Medicine, has practiced and taught Traditional Chinese Medicine worldwide for over 30 years. He started to learn his skills very early, when he was a 13 years old boy apprenticed to three herbal masters in his home province of Hubei, China. He was medically qualified in both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in Canton University of TCM in 1982.

His clinical success as a leading consultant of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the UK since 1986 has been featured in the Observer, Daily Mail, FT and on BBC, CNN, ITV, Channel 4 and many other broadcasting media throughout the world. He is twice listed in London Evening Standards’Top 50 Health Practitioners and London’s 100 Best Alternative Experts, respectively. He is ‘simply brilliant’ (quoted from London Evening Standard 8th May 2001).

Professional Partnerships

Professor Song Ke has been successfully promoting and providing Acupuncture service in NHS hospitals such as the Royal Free, Whittington and North Middlesex Hospitals, working as Acupuncture Consultant at the Royal Free Hospital. He has also been involved in research programmes in TCM with various London Hospitals and was instrumental in setting up the BSc (Hons) and MSc courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Middlesex University.

Professor Ke was one of the major founders of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ATCM, and the general secretary of the organization. He was also the president of the British Society of Chinese Medicine. He is vice president of Pan European Federation of TCM Societies. He is actively involved with the UK Department of Health in the process of Statutory Regulation of Professional Practice, and he was a member of its Regulating Working Group.

He is well known for the treatment of skin disorders, allergies, diabetes, gynaecological conditions, infertility, epilepsy, emotional disorders and many others. He practices at Asanté Academy and a number of other clinics in London. He also travels internationally to treat patients. Above all, he is a very kind man, willing to help and give honest advice to people.