24-Day Course in TCM Pain Management

Our new 24-Day Course in TCM Pain Management combines a complete understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and Chinese medicine treatment modalities, with up-to-date Western scientific understanding of pain, what it is and how to understand it.
We have worked to create a syllabus the offers a more complete and holistic understanding of pain, and the ways in which it can be managed and treated using Traditional Chinese medicine.

The course is suitable for students with no previous background in Chinese medicine as well as practitioners of Acupuncture, Tuina or Chinese herbal medicine. It is also highly suitable for other healthcare professionals such as Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Nurses and GPs who may wish to broaden their ability to understand and treat pain in a more effective way.

Clinical placements are undertaken at Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine and within our NHS hospital pain management clinics. If required, additional clinical placement days can be arranged at a cost of £130 per day.

All teaching takes place at Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine. We do offer online teaching via Zoom for those students who may have difficulty attending in person, however, all practical and clinical aspects of the course must be completed at Asante Academy to finish the course.

Theory covers the following topics in the form of lectures and seminars. The final day consists of a brief course review followed by written and practical examinations.

24-Day Course in TCM Pain Managementt Syllabus:
  • TCM Basic Theory
  • TCM Diagnosis (Four Examinations)
  • Aetiology and Pathogenesis of Disease in TCM
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • What is Pain? A Modern Scientific Understanding
  • TCM Methods of Pain Management
  • Clinical Applications of Methods of TCM Pain Management
  • Clinical Practice and Examinations

Teaching for the 24-Day Course in TCM Pain Management is on a one to one basis, however, it is also possible to organise group bookings for 3 or more people. For group bookings, we are able to offer a discounted rate on course fees. Please contact the clinic directly for more information. This course is run throughout the year. Start dates are flexible and can be arranged between the student(s) and teaching doctor(s).


If you require further information, please call the clinic direct on 020 7272 6888 or email:info@asante-academy.com

24-Day Course in TCM Pain Management Fee

Course fees for the 24-Day Course in TCM Pain Management are £3120 (£130 per day).

A 10% deposit is payable in advance. Payment can be made in instalments.

Terms and Conditions


On successful completion of the course and examination, you will be awarded a Certificate in TCM Pain Management.

Accreditation, Professional Body Membership & Insurance

This course is fully accredited by the Acupuncture Society. Upon enrolling on this course, all students are required to register with the Acupuncture Society as a student member. There is no charge for this. All students will be required to obtain Student Insurance from either Holistic Insurance Services or Balens.

Upon successful completion of this course, all graduates will be able register as a full member of the Acupuncture society for a cost of £100 per year.

Student insurance can be upgraded to full practice insurance cover upon graduation. Cost will vary depending on which insurance provider being used.

For more useful information regarding membership and insurance, please refer to our PDF guide, HERE!