Following a recommendation I went to see Dr Ke summer 22 to reduce my chemical sensitivity. His medication gave me severe palpitations and I called for help. Dr Ke told me to take ginger. I persevered only to end up being more sensitive than ever to chemical smells. I consulted another Chinese doctor (abroad, no competitor) who told me she would have given this medication to someone who had LOST their sense of smell. My life has become even more restricted than before. Terrible.
The Asante Academy of Traditional Chinese MedicineI am a medical doctor who also practices western style acupuncture, and I had come to spend a day at the Asante Academy to further my knowledge of TCM.The Asante Academy of Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM) is situated in a large modern premises on the first floor of a building in Highgate/Archway area of London.It is fashioned in an eclectic mixture of both modern and Chinese style.The clinic’s director is Professor Song Ke a well known doctor of TCM known to many medical physicians and a number of centres of medical excellence in the UK and the USA ,amongst others.I had arrived a little early and was invited by the staff to join them in their morning Tai Chi session..I knew of Tai Chi but had never practised it. Soon I was engaged in its beautiful movements which from a TCM perspective balances the Chi (energy) in your body, as explained to me by Dr Song ,one of the clinic’s senior therapists. He also gave me a short discourse on the basis of Chi in TCM, ably supported by his colleagues Ming and Jasmine.The staff at all times were gracious and welcoming.I sat in onProfessor Song Ke’s clinic observing his approach to patients who were clearly satisfied with his past treatment.He demonstrated to me the use of TCM in treating kidney disease and in patients who had complications of Covid, discussing nuances of treatment which can compliment conventional medical treatment.I also observed as 2 therapists under the guidance of a senior colleague assisting a patient with acupuncture , who was also receiving treatment from a conventional medical centre, to become pregnant.Asante Academy presents a professional ,knowledgeable and empathic patient centredEnvironment.For those contemplating treatment with TCM, this would be a most suitable clinic to begin.I am thinking of taking up Tai Chi regularly.Dr S L DexterGeneral Medical Practitioner
Asante is a great place to study authentic TCM. Their courses are well structured as well as highly practical. People there are just amazing! It is a very kind, relaxed yet stimulating environment to learn a new skill for life.
I can highly recommend this institution for training in TCM. The structure is very flexible to suit mature students and the teaching is of a very high standard. The atmosphere is relaxed yet very professional. The students have varied backgrounds but are friendly and share a passion for Chinese medicine.
I came here for a few sessions. The dr was excellent and very knowledgeable and helped me prepare my body for a medical procedure. I would highly recommend this place and will continue to come here.
A truly first class learning experience. Excellent tuition from highly qualified staff that love to teach and share their knowledge. Tailored training, great support staff and a lovely atmosphere - can't wait to go back!
Anna is a highly professional specialist with deep knowledge and great respect and attention to her patients. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for neurological or acupuncture treatments in south-west London.
Asante is a great academy where I was studying acupuncture for treating infertility. The course is well structured and my teacher Alex is very professional. Friendly atmosphere and personalised way of studying made my experience very pleasant. I will definitely take other courses in Asante academy!
Dr Ke at Asante Academy is a saviour. My health has changed for the better since coming to see him since 2018. Also the staff are caring and real human beings with empathy, especially Rose.
Chris has been fabulous- he takes such care to ensure he's working on the right parts of my back which is not easy when so much of it is tight! There's a reason I keep coming back week after week
Last summer I completed the Asante Academy Certificate course in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Such an interesting discipline and so well taught by Dr Jun Shu! I really enjoyed the course, and also appreciated being able to observe patients being treated in clinic, prior to lockdown. It is rigorously planned and students cover a large amount of material. One of the best things about it is the flexibility ~I was able to study the days I wanted to, which really helped me fit it around work commitments. I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of TCM.
Had a great experience training at the Asante!
Asante Academy has a gentle atmosphere, kind and helpful people, and was convenient for me in North London. Chris worked with me on a poor digestive system. Possibly the main benefit was to be generally healthy - not bad for a 72-year-old!
Asante Academy is a professional, well run TCM clinic. The reception and management staff are friendly and very helpful and the practitioners are highly knowlegable when it comes to giving treatments.I would definitely recommend a visit to Asante for acupuncture or massage treatments. It definitely helped to speed up my recover from injury. Thank you!
Great treatment, very professional