Karen Ryx

The Hackney Healer

I am very happy to be here at Asanté for a lovely tea evening as a guest not a patient. "I will be back". With many thanks for my good health and a marvelous cup of real tea.

Ms Maren Dallmann

Coordinator, London Animals Asia Support Group

Congratulations as you move to the new premises and thank you so much for making me feel so much better and looking after my health so well.

Mrs Pernilla Pearce, Psychologist, and her husband, Adam Pearce

Managing Consultant

Thank you for inviting us to your wonderful opening party. We wish you every success in the future.

Ms Alice Lyon

Office Manager, Phynova Group Ltd

Thank you for an inspiring evening in your exciting new location for Asanté. The centre is beautiful and has a wonderful atmosphere I hope you are very happy in this new space. We enjoyed your tea lecture very much just like old times.

Dr Anthony Ordman

Consultant in Pain Medicine and Pain Clinic, Royal Free Hospital

Many congratulations on the opening of your new school premises: they are beautiful. I look forward to our continuing and successful partnership. It was a privilege to be present at Asanté’s new opening.

Ms Alison E. Shutt

Commercial and International Development Director, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

Congratulations on the opening of Asanté. You have a beautiful centre and I hope you all enjoy working here and have a very successful future... A wonderful evening, I thought it was excellent.

Mr Nick Pahl

Chief Executive, British Acupuncture Council

An excellent opening ceremony – it was very well organised and enjoyable.


I just want to say that the treatment that I received for my sciatica pain was remarkable. Thanks especially to Gulshan and Nathalie for their knowledge, patience and comforting words whilst conducting the acupuncture sessions.

C Troy

Miracle treatment. Dr Ke was great. The combination of the herbs I was given and the diet have totally cleared my extensive eczema within two months of starting the treatment. The eczema at the time covered my whole body and now it is totally clear. Thanks to Dr Ke.