Initial Consultation

When you come to us for Traditional Chinese medical treatments, you will be given an initial consultation.

The primary focus is usually on the main complaint, or condition which is to be treated.

The consultation will also include questions about your symptoms, your state of mind and lifestyle.

It also includes a thorough examination of your body, especially a tongue and pulse examination.

Chinese Medical Treatments
Chinese Medical Treatments

Overall Health Approach

This kind of examination is unique in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which can tell us a lot about your health and any signs of imbalance.

It is able to give information on the whole body as well as individual organs.

It provides a holistic guide to overall health and also to specific pathogenic factors.

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

After this initial consultation, our TCM practitioners will formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan for you.

This is done according to your individual condition and constitution. The treatment will be followed with a combination of Chinese Medicine therapies.

These will energise and bring your body back to harmony and equilibrium, thus allowing healing to take place.

Chinese Medical Treatments
Chinese Medical Treatments

Bespoke Approach

The treatment can be one or a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Tuina massage, exercise, breathing and meditation, food therapy and others.

Individually these treatments work well, however, in combination they can be mutually reinforcing.


Chinese Medical Treatments

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Medical Treatments

Tuina Massage

Chinese Medical Treatments