Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

This branch of TCM uses natural plant based herbs to heal and bring balance and harmony to the body and mind. There are over 8000 herbs and many thousands of classical combinations in the Chinese herbal medicine Pharmacopoeia. All herbs are considered to have different flavours and natures which define their therapeutic actions.

You may be prescribed herbal treatment, usually in the form of raw herbs, teas, pills or powders. At the Asanté Academy clinics, Chinese herbal medicine formulas are blended individually for patients as they watch.

Herbal Medicine addresses the root of the problem and the body therefore requires time to be restored to balance and to heal. However, the treatments are usually long lasting with few or no side effects.

Herbal medicine can work on many different levels of the body, from the deep organs to the skin layer. It can be employed for use in the treatment of both acute and chronic health conditions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine Diploma Course

Chinese herbal medicine treatments are often combined with other modalities of Chinese medicine, specifically including acupuncture and Tuina massage. Such treatments can offer a holistic natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is mostly used by a TCM practitioner alongside acupuncture as part of an integrated treatment plan. Herbal treatments have been used for thousands of years, and in China they are used alongside modern medicine. Chinese herbal medicine treatments come in a variety of forms, and your TCM practitioner may dispense your prescription as pills, or as loose herbs to be made into a tea, or even as powders. Herbal treatments work naturally with almost no side effects.

Chinese Herbal Medicine with Asante Academy FAQs

How quickly will I feel the benefits from treatment?2021-12-09T15:22:07+00:00

This is very subjective. It depends on the patient, the condition being treated, the severity and duration of the condition and which treatment(s) you receive. For acute stage conditions, you may start to feel some benefits of treatment after the first session, especially if you receive acupuncture or tuina. For chronic or long-standing conditions, a patient will normally need more time. If you are prescribed herbal medicine, the process can take a little longer, and you may only notice changes after a week or two weeks of treatment.

Patient compliance with advice given by practitioners will also have an effect. For example, if you are advised to take herbal medicine, rest or exercise but do not follow a regular routine, you may prolong the amount of time it takes before you start noticing changes to your condition.

For most patients, the effects of treatment are cumulative. This means that each treatment builds on the previous one, so normally over a course of treatments, you will notice increasing changes from one session to the next.

What should I expect during my consultation?2021-10-19T15:31:52+00:00

You will be seen by one of our highly trained and professional practitioners. He or she will discuss your main complaint or problem, as well as any related medical history and other related health concerns you may have. They will also examine your tongue and pulse (traditional methods of diagnosis).

If relevant, they may also look at medical reports or scans. They will then discuss the Chinese medical diagnosis with you and explain the relevant treatment options, designing a treatment plan that is most appropriate for you.

The process of consultation and treatment usually last about 1 hour, although this may be shorter if you are coming just for a herbal medicine consultation. For more information, please contact us directly.

Do you offer online consultations ?2021-10-19T14:29:14+00:00

Yes! We are happy to offer you an online consultation, usually via Zoom if you are unable to attend the clinic in person. For more information, please contact us directly.

How much does treatment cost?2021-10-19T14:26:30+00:00

The cost of treatment will depend upon which practitioner you see and also the length of your treatment session.

If your practitioners advises that you require Chinese herbal medicine, this will be priced separately to your other treatment.

I have no background in Chinese medicine, can I take your courses?2021-12-09T15:49:45+00:00

Certainly! Our core courses will include teaching on all aspects of Chinese medicine theory, diagnostics, anatomy and physiology, and theory of disease in TCM, as well as all the specific theory and practical information relating to whichever subject you are studying, whether it be acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine or tuina massage.

Our tutors will provide you with the relevant teaching materials that you will need. Once you enroll, you will receive a course manual which contains all the relevant information you will need.

If you do have some prior knowledge of Chinese medicine this will also be advantageous.

Does Chinese herbal medicine have any side effects?2021-12-09T15:58:14+00:00

Generally, Chinese herbal medicine is very safe, especially when prescribed by fully qualified professionals. The herbs prescribed at Asante are all plant based. We do not use toxic or poisonous plant material, nor do we use any animal or mineral products in our prescriptions. Dosages are used in accordance with traditional formulas which have been safely used for thousands of years and that have treated millions of patients worldwide.

In the UK, there are strict controls placed on which traditional herbal medicine ingredients we can use in practice, this is regulated by law and provides an high degree of safety to patients.

We only work with herbal suppliers who comply with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) restrictions.

Are Chinese herbs used with other treatments?2021-10-19T13:38:10+00:00

Yes. This is very common in China and in the West. Chinese herbal medicine is usually prescribed alongside acupuncture or tuina treatments if they are necessary. This combination of treatment modalities can reinforce and strengthen the therapeutic effects of acupuncture and/or tuina.

What should I expect from Chinese herbal medicine?2021-12-09T16:00:32+00:00

Your doctor or practitioner will discuss with you the reasons and options for you to take Chinese herbal medicine. Depending on the specifics of the condition to be treated, they will likely recommend that you continue with a course of herbs for about 1 month.

After this period, your practitioner will assess your response to the course of treatment, allowing them to determine if you should continue with the same prescription, if it requires adjustment, or if you no longer need to take the medicine.

The effects of Chinese medicine are not as quick acting as Western pharmaceutical medicine, however, they are more natural and far less likely to cause side effects. You should start to notice some effects after about 1 week.

How do I take Chinese herbal medicine?2021-10-18T15:18:04+00:00

This depends on the form the medicine takes. Traditionally, herbal medicine is prescribed as raw herbs, which are boiled in a decoction to make a tea which you will drink. For preparation instructions, CLICK HERE (PDF Link).

If you are prescribed pre-formulated pills, capsules, powders or granules, your practitioner or the dispensary staff will provide you with the correct dosage information and method for taking the herbs and/or formula.

Who will prepare my herbal prescription?2021-10-18T15:16:19+00:00

Your herbal prescription will be prepared by our qualified dispensary staff, usually while you are receiving treatment and can be purchased on the same day. We also offer postal service for prescriptions for patients who are unable to come to the clinic or those patients not living within the U.K. Full instructions on dosage, preparation and how to take your prescription will be given to you.

What if I am prescribed Chinese herbal medicine?2021-10-18T15:14:54+00:00

Depending on the condition you are having treated, your practitioner may decide to prescribe Chinese herbal medicine. Each prescription is tailored to the needs of the individual patient. It is available in different forms from raw herbs, to pills, powders, teas, and creams. Your practitioner will advise on the most suitable choice for you.

What can Chinese herbal medicine treat?2021-12-09T16:06:56+00:00

Chinese Herbal medicine can treat many forms of ill health. The results that can be expected and the length of treatment required depend on the severity of the disease, its duration and the general health of the patient. Some of the more common conditons Chinese Herbal medicine can treat include: skin disease; gynaecological complaints; respiratory conditions; allergies; immune system disorders; chronic pain; psychological problems; addictions; paediatric diseases; migraines and headaches.

Is Chinese herbal medicine safe?2021-12-09T16:08:57+00:00

Yes. Our practitioners are fully qualified in Chinese herbal medicine and comply with all codes of conduct and regulation relating to the practice of herbal medicine. We adhere to the rules and controls on the regulation of toxic or banned substances. We do not use any animal-based or mineral-based products in our herbal medicine.

It is generally safe to take herbal medicine alongside pharmaceutical drugs, however, if you are taking any prescription or non-prescription drugs, please be sure to inform your practitioner.

Compared to pharmaceutical drugs, adverse reactions to Chinese herbal medicine are negligible. However, we always recommend that if you do experience any side effects, to stop taking the medicine and to contact your practitioner or the clinic directly.


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