Seven Emotions

The Seven Emotions (Qi-Qing)  refer to joy, anger, sadness, grief, worry, fear and fright. They are the different responses of the body to environmental stimuli. They are all normal psychological activities and will not normally be the cause of disease. If an emotion is excessive or deficient over a long period however, they can then become pathological in nature.

In Chinese medicine theory, the Seven Emotions are also thought to correlate to the five Zang Organs.

  • Spleen – Worry
  • Liver – Anger
  • Kidneys – Fear and Fright
  • Heart – Joy
  • Lungs – Sadness & Grief

As such, disharmony in either the organs or the emotions can result in imbalances. For example, over worrying can lead to Qi-Stagnation or Dampness thus disturbing the function of the Spleen. An example of excessive emotional disturbance would be that of excessive joy. This can scatter Heart Qi and cause confused behaviour.