Tai Chi Training

What is Chen Style Tai Chi

Modern academics place the origins of Tai Chi in the Chen village in Henan province of mainland China about 350 years ago. The name Tai Chi was first applied in the late eighteenth century. Chen Style is practiced both for its health and exercise benefits and as an effective method for self-defense and can be seen as a series of coordinated movements which flow smoothly and gracefully into each other combined with Chi Gong breathing techniques. Chen Style is both a complete martial system and a comprehensive form of exercise that promotes fitness, coordination and relaxation.

Tai Chi and Health

When practicing Tai Chi, the practitioner’s consciousness, breathing and actions are all closely connected. The transfer and focus of the practitioners energy corresponds to the network of meridians joining the acupuncture points used in traditional Chinese medicine. Tai Chi exercises stimulate blood circulation and the inner organs, as well as improving strength and muscle control. These exercises also help to improve health, co-ordination and posture additionally helping to promote general fitness and weight loss. Tai Chi stimulates the body and calms the mind, resulting in a balanced outlook as well as an overall improved sense of wellbeing.

Who can practice Tai Chi

Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness. The movements can be performed slowly and gently for health benefits or faster and more powerfully for self -defense applications. Chen Style Tai Chi is best known as the form of exercise that has been popularized by images of old Chinese

Name of the movements of Chen’s Taiji (16 movements)
  1. Beginning Form
  2. Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortars
  3. Lazily Belting Clothes
  4. Six Sealings and Four Closings
  5. Dan Bian
  6. Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
  7. White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  8. Oblique Position
  9. Brush Knee
  10. Step Forwards Three Times
  11. Oblique Position
  12. Brush Knee
  13. Step Forward Three Times
  14. Cover Hands and Strike with Fist
  15. Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
  16. The Closing Form
Yunqin Song Tai Chi small

Mr Yunqin Song is a 21th generation descendant of the Chen’s Taiji. He began his Tai Chi training at an early age with Grand Master Chen Shishan. For over 20 years with hard work, he mastered the complete Chen’s Taichi system at a high level.

His teaching career began in 1996 and gradually became a very experienced Taiji Tutor. After near ten years teaching Taiji in UK, however, he realized the main obstacle for western people to learn Taiji is their limited understanding of concept of Chinese traditional health philosophy. Thanks to Mr Song’s more than 20 years’ experience of traditional Chinese medicine, he developed an very effective tai chi training method to teach Taiji for western people.

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