Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine


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Internal Medicine of Tradtitional Chinese Medicine is a vital aspect of TCM theory and practice.  This clinical subject deals with the classification, differentiation and treatment of diseases as defined by Chinese Medicine theory. This volume is a collection of the systematic knowledge compiled by Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai University of Tradition Chinese Medicine.

This volume covers the following topics:

  • Classification of Internal Diseases in TCM
  • Procedures & Principles of TCM Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Therapeutic Principles and Methods of Internal Diseases in TCM
  • Treatment of Disease relating to Organs & Vital Substances
  • Treatment of miscellaneous diseases in TCM

Author: Wang Yue

Publisher: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Press

Publishing Date: 01/11/2002

No. Of Pages: 506

Format: Paperback

ISBN 978-7-81010-660-0