Science of Tuina

This 2nd Edition volume is a University level English-Chinese textbook for prospective students of Tuina Massage.

Chinese Tuina Massage is a massage system founded on the same theories that underpin all of Chinese Medicine. Tuina uses a variety of techniques and musculo-skeletal manipulations. Using these techniques, a practitioner can stimulate acupoints and meridians as well as muscles and soft tissue.

Tuina is becoming more recognised and is a highly useful skill to have as a practitioner.

Science of Tuina 2nd Edition is comprised of nine parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Mechanism of Tuina
  3. Meridians and Acupoints
  4. Commonly Used Examination Methods
  5. Basic Exercises for Manipulation Practice
  6. Manipulations for Tuina
  7. Tuina Treatment for Adult Diseases
  8. Tuina Therapy for Commonly Encountered Infantile Diseases
  9. Self-Healthcare Tuina

Author: Jin Hongzhu

Publisher: People’s Medical Publishing House

Publishing Date: 02/09/2007

No. Of Pages: 446

Format: Paperback

ISBN 978-7-117-08638-7