Science of Prescriptions

Science of Prescriptions is the study of Chinese Herbal medicine formulas, including their preparation and applications. It aims to provide the necessary foundations for the applied use of TCM syndrome differentiation and the knowledge of how to apply it to herbal medicine.

As herbal medicine and fourmulas form one of the major pillars of Tradtional Chinese medicine, knowledge of herbal medicine (Materia Medica) and prescriptions are essential tools for any practitioner.

Science of Prescriptions provides a solid introdution to the composition and modification of prescriptions as well as their common forms. It also discusses the methods of preparing and taking herbal decoctions.

Part 2 discusses in detail the various tyes of prescriptions as defined by the actions.

Author: Fan Qiaoling

Publisher: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Publishing Date: 03/10/2006

No. Of Pages: 386

Format: Paperback

ISBN 7-81010-650-3