Science of Chinese Materia Medica

Science of Chinese Materia Medica is the study of Chinese medicinal herbs. It is a vital component of Traditional Chinese medicine. As a field of study, Chinese herbal medicine is vast and contains a huge amount of accumulated knowledge.

The science of Chinese Materia Medica is a critical aspect of study for any student of TCM. Knowledge of the different catergories of herbs, their functions, actions and combinations is vitally important.

Their characteristics are best understood from the basis of yin-yang and zang-fu theory, however, there are more detailed aspects to the various herbs.

This volume is composed of two parts:

Part 1 – General Introduction:

  • Properties & Actions of Chinese Herbs
  • Processing of Chinese Herbs
  • Compatibility of Chinese Herbs
  • Contraindications of Chinese Herbs
  • Dosage & Administration.

Part 2 – Specific Discussions: This sections discusses individual herbs as classified by their actions according to TCM theory.

Author: Tang Decai

Publisher: Shanghai University of Tradtional Chinese Medicine

Publishing Date: 03/01/2006

No. Of Pages: 378

Format: Paperback

ISBN 7-81010-658-9