Opthalmology of TCM

This volume contains the basic theory and diagnostic experiences of treating ocular diseases in the opthalmology of TCM. It covers both the features and the characteristics of Chinese opthalmology.

This book is composed of 2 main parts:

  1. General Introduction – Covering the relationship between the eyes and the viscera, diagnostic essential and an introduction to treatment.
  2. Discussion of specific diseases
    1. Eyelid Disorders
    2. Diseases of Canthi
    3. Disorders of Bulbar Conjunctiva
    4. Diseases of Cornea
    5. Diseases of Pupil

The discussion relating to the specific diseases are precise and detailed in terms of TCM, along with the various treatment methods.

Author: Ding Shuhua

Publisher: Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Published: November 2002

No. of Pages:202

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 7-81010-655-4