Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

These are the methods used to collect data relating to a patients’ pathological condition. This generally includes inspection, listening/smelling, pulse-taking and inquiry (questioning). These tools are vital in aiding practitioners of Chinese Medicine to accurately diagnose and differentiate pathological conditions.

Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine acts a bridge connecting TCM theory to its clinical specialisms and is therefore an essential part of practitioner development.

This volume is composed of two parts:

Part 1 – Diagnostic Methods:

  • Inspection
  • Listening & Olfaction
  • Inquiry
  • Pulse-taking & Palpation

Part 2 – Differentiation of Syndromes:

  • Syndrome Differentiation with Eight Principles
  • Differentiation of Qi, Blood and Body Fluid
  • Differentiation of Viscera (Zang-Fu Theory)
  • Other Syndrome Differentiation Methods (6 meridians, 4 levels)

Author: Wang Lufen

Publisher: Shanghai Pujiang Education Press

Publishing Date: 01/10/2002

No. Of Pages: 280

Format: Paperback

ISBN 978-7-81010-652-8