Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine

In the study of Chinese medicine, the first subject any student will cover is the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine. This forms the foundation of core knowledge essential for the understanding and development of a practitioner’s skills in TCM.

This volume is divided into 7 chapters.

  1. YinYang and Five Elements
  2. Qi, Blood and Body Fluid
  3. Visceral Minfestation – Zang, Fu and Extraordinary Organs
  4. Meridians and Collaterals
  5. Etiology
  6. Pathogenesis
  7. Prevention and Therapeutic Principles

Author: LI Qizhong.

Published by Shanghai Pujiang Education Press.

Published: August 2017.

No. of Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-7-81121-512-0