Pregnancy Acupuncture Special Offer

Asante Academy has teamed up with the Labour Ward day unit at the Whittington hospital since 2006. Specialist practitioners from Asanté Academy of Chinese Medicine have been providing innovative antenatal care for the pregnant women.

Pregnancy Acupuncture Special Offer!

From the new year 2019, a special HALF PRICE offer is available for appointments booked on Wednesday student clinic.

This special form of acupuncture service is able to provide drug-free intervention in the treatment of pregnancy related conditions. These include nausea and vomiting, low back/pelvic/sciatica pain and stress during pregnancy and repositioning of the foetus. During labour itself it can help to improve contractions, alleviate pain and anxiety, and expedite delivery. At the end of pregnancy, a natural option to encourage labour is offered, called Acupuncture Birth Preparation.