Wild Rhubarb Root – Da Huang (Radix et Phizoma Rhei)

dahuangSource: Da Huang – the root and rhizome of Rheum palmatun L., R. tangguticum Maxim. ex Balf. or R. officinale Baill., family Polygnaceae.

Function: Da Huang removes stagnation by purgation, clears away heat and purges fire Da Huang also cools the blood and stops bleeding, removes toxins and promotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis.

Application: Da Huang is used for stagnation in the intestine and obstruction of the bowels, an essential herb to treat the syndrome of stagnation with constipation. For headache, redness of eye, sore throat and swollen painful gums and mouth ulcer etc. caused by flaring of fire. Da Huang is used for bleeding due to blood-heat manifested as vomiting of blood and nose bleeds or bleeding due to blood stasis. External use of Da Huang is beneficial for inflammation of the skin and blood stasis caused by trauma. In addition, it can also used for jaundice due to dampness-heat.