Ai Ye (Folium Artemisiae Argyi)

Source: Ai Ye (Folium Artemisiae Argyi) is dervied from the leaf of Artemisia argyi Levl. et Vant. It is used in its dry form as pictured or pounded into a wool-like consistency. It is this form of Ai Ye that is commonly found in Moxa products.

Category: Blood Regulating / Stop Bleeding.

Common Name: Mugwort Leaf / Artemesia

Channels Entered: Spleen, Liver & Kidney

Properties and Functions: Bitter, Pungent and Warm. Ai Ye (Folium Artemisiae Argyi) can be used in treating bleeding syndromes due to deficiency and cold or blood-heat.

  1. Warms the meridians and stops bleeding.
  2. Disperses cold and alleviates pain.
  3. Dispels dampness and stops itching.

Indications: Ai Ye is used to stop prolonged menstrual, vaginal and uterine bleeding. It can calm restless fetus and alleviate lower abdominal pain due to cold as well as menstrual pain. Ai ye can also be used for skin problems marked by dampness and itching.

Dosage: 3 – 10g

Cautions and Contra-indications: Contra-indicated for heat due to yin deficiency.