Yu Ping Feng San Yu Ping Feng San

English Name: Jade Windscreen Powder.

Category: Tonifying – Qi Invigorating.

Functions: Tonify Qi; Strengthen Wei Qi; Stop Sweating.

Indications: Prone to attack by Wind-Cold characterised by spontaneous sweating, chills, pale face, allergies (rhinitis and hay fever), respiratory infections (cold and flu) and a runny nose.

Tongue and Pulse: Pale tongue with a white coating and a floating, deficient pulse.


  • Huang Qi [Radix Astragali]  – 30g
  • Bai Zhu [Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae] – 60g
  • Fang Feng [Radix Saposhnikoviae] – 60g

Cautions and Contra-Indications: Yu Ping Feng San is contraindicated for cases of spontaneous sweating due to excess conditions and for cases of night sweating due to Yin deficiency.