Xie Bai (Bulbus Alli Macrostemi)

Xie Bai

Xie Bai (Bulbus Alli Macrostemi) is from the bulb of Allium macrostemon Bunge, family Liliaceae. The medicinal material is collected in the summer and autumn and then dried in the sun. It is normally used unprocessed.

Category: Qi Regulating.

Common Name: Chinese Garlic; Garlic Chives.

Channels Entered: Lung, Stomach and Large Intestine.

Properties and Functions: Xie Bai is pungent and bitter in flavour, and warm in nature. It activates Yang, disperses lumps and nodules, promotes Qi circulation and relieves stagnation.

Indications: Clinically, it is used for:

  • Clearing turbid Phlegm, pain, stifling sensation in the chest, cough and wheezing due to deficiency of Yang.
  • Qi stagnation and Damp stagnation of the Stomach and Large Intestine manifesting as dysentery with tenesmus.

Dosage: 5 – 10g

Cautions and Contra-Indications: It is not suitable for use in cases with: Qi deficiency without stagnation of Qi; weakness of the stomach with loss of apetite, or for patients with an intolerance to garlic and onions.