Sang Ji Sheng (Ramulus Taxilli)

Sang Ji Sheng

Sang Ji Sheng (Ramulus Taxilli) is from the stem and branches of Taxillus chinensis (DC.) Danser, family Loranthaceae. The material is cut and collected between winter and the following spring. It is cut into segments and dried in the sun, sometimes after being steamed first.

Category: Dampness Resolving – Wind-Damp Expelling.

Common Name: Mistletoe; Mulberry Mistletoe Stem; Taxillus.

Channels Entered: Kidney and Liver.

Properties and Functions: Sang Ji Sheng is bitter and sweet in flavour, and bland or neutral in nature. Its functions are to:

  • Expel Wind and Dampness.
  • Strengthen sinews and bones.
  • Tonify the Liver and Kideny.
  • Nourish the Blood to calm the womb to help prevent miscarriage.

Indications: Its main clinical application is for the treatment of Wind-Dampness type Bi-Syndrome with weakness of the knees and waist. It is particularly suitable for chronic rheumatism with Yin deficiency of the Liver and Kidney. It can also be used for habitual miscarriage due to Yin deficiency of the Liver and Kidney.

Dosage: 10 – 15g

Cautions and Contra-Indications: None.