Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis or MS, as it is usually called, results from damage to the myelin sheaths surrounding the nerve fibres of the central nervous system. The cause of MS is not known, it may be a genetic disorder, or caused by a virus. About one person in every 2000 is affected by MS, with a higher proportion of women.

It may begin as tingling, numbness or weakness affecting an arm, leg, or one side of the body. Sometimes symptoms of multiple sclerosis include double vision, or blurring of the sight. The attack may happen only once and never recur, but in most cases MS runs a course of relapses and remissions over many years. Weakness, difficulty in walking, slurred speech and loss of bladder control are some of the attendant problems.

The Chinese Medicine diagnosis is a general weakness of the whole body, especially the Kidneys, which causes the central nervous system to malfunction and results in wastage of the muscles. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will use acupuncture to improve the circulation, stimulate the nervous system and help the muscles.

Chinese herbs will deal with Kidney and Stomach weakness, revitalizing them to stop deterioration. When the Kidneys are weak, they cannot process the nutrients in the body, and the central nervous system is starved. Chinese Medicine will tonify the Kidneys and Kpleen.

Multiple Sclerosis is a serious problem. Treatment should begin as soon as it is diagnosed. The earlier it is caught, the better the prognosis. The problems associated with the complaint – kidney and bladder infections and blurred vision etc. – respond well to Chinese Medicine treatment and the progress of the Multiple Sclerosis itself can be controlled. Therapy is long-term, but it is one of the conditions where Chinese Medicine has had much more success than modern medicine.

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