Milk is collected from domesticated cows, Bos taurus domseticus or Bubalus bubalis [Bovidae].

Chinese Name: Niu Ru (牛乳) or Niu Nai (牛奶).

Nature and Flavour: Sweet in flavour and slightly cold in nature.

Channels Entered: Heart, Lung and Stomach.

Properties and Functions: Tonifies deficiency; Tonifies Lung and Stomach; Promotes production of body fluid; Moistens the intestines.

Indications: Clinically, milk is used in the treatment of weakness and/or injury due to physical strain, constipation, diabetes, regurgitation and dysphagia. Nutritonally, milk is a rich source of calcium, protein, fats and carbohydrates as sugars derived from lactose.

Directions: To be taken after pasteurisation and sterilisation. It should be taken warm, but can be drunk cold.

Cautions and Contra-Indications: It should be avoided in cases of diarrhoea due to Spleen-yang deficiency, or in cases of fluid retention or internal PhlegmDampness.