Menstrual Problems

In Chinese Medicine, menstrual problems are diagnosed as an imbalance of Liver, Spleen and Kidney. A common menstrual problem is excessive blood loss, and in Chinese Medicine this is ascribed to Heat in the Blood. Late, scanty and painful periods are due to Cold in the Blood. It is also commmon for some women to experience irregular periods, i.e. a change in the timing of the menstrual cycle. This can either lengthen or shorten the cycle as a whole, and also the duration of the period.

Treating Menstrual Problems with TCM

A Chinese Medicine practitioner will use acupuncture and moxibustion which are often very effective in helping women to cope with these common menstrual problems.

Diet is also important in Chinese Medicine. Heavy periods, diagnosed as a disease pattern involving Heat, would include advice to avoid “spicy” foods. Menstrual problems caused by Cold conditions would involve avoiding “cold” foods.

Your practitioner may also prescibe Chinese herbal medicine to treat the problem, depending upon the exact diagnosis. This will usually be used in conjunction with acupuncture treatment.

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