Jian Pi Wan Jian Pi Wan

English Name: Strengthen the Spleen Pill.

Category: Digestive – Reduce Food Stagnation.

Functions: Tonify Spleen Qi; harmonise the Stomach; resolve food stagnation; promote digestion and stop diarrhoea.

Indications: For food stagnation due to weakness of the Spleen which is marked by poor appetite and indigestion, epigastric and abdominal distension and fullness, fatigue and loose stools. The tongue has a greasy, yellowish coating and the pulse is deficient or weak.


  • Chao Bai Zhu [Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae] – 75g
  • Mu Xiang [Radix Aucklandiae] – 22g
  • Huang Lian [Rhizoma Coptidis] – 22g
  • Gan Cao [Radix Glycyrrhizae] – 22g
  • Fu Ling [Poria] – 60g
  • Ren Shen [Radix Ginseng] – 45g
  • Chao Shen Qu [Massa Fermentata Medicinalis] – 30g
  • Chen Pi [Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae] – 30g
  • Sha Ren [Frucutus Amomi] – 30g
  • Chao Mai Ya [Fructus Hordei Germinatus] – 30g
  • Shan Zha [Fructus Cratagei] 30g
  • Shan Yao [Rhizoma Dioscoreae] – 30g
  • Rou Dou Kou [Semen Myristicae] – 30g

Cautions and Contra-Indications: Jian Pi Wan is contra-indicated for acute food stagnation due to improper eating, overeating or over drinking.