Clinical Training

Asanté Academy offers a range of clinical training courses. Our Clinical Training and Apprenticeship scheme gives you practical training and one-to-one mentoring in the science and art of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Advanced Clinical Training – Clinical Apprenticeship

Hands on practical one-to-one training in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Tuina Massage.

Clinical TrainingAsanté Academy has devised a training scheme which allows participants to undergo one-to-one clinical training. This is done under the tutelage of one our highly experienced doctors. The majority of the training takes place in a clinical setting under the guidance of the doctor/mentor. Participants are usually required to undertake a theoretical background study in their own time, although some lectures can be arranged.

This is one of our most popular training schemes. The training contents are individually tailored according to needs. Students will be following our experienced supervisor/teacher, mostly one to one, to learn Chinese medicine in a real clinical practice. Additionally, sometimes they may be given opportunities to hands on practice such as needling acupuncture. Time for training is flexible and you can choose the days you wish to attend.

Who is the training aimed at?

The scheme is open to all levels of experience and qualification. Whether you are a qualified TCM practitioner and would like to undergo advanced clinical training, perhaps in specific areas, or if you are a TCM graduate who has not practised for some time and would like some refresher training, or maybe you are a Healthcare professional who would like to have some basic training in TCM, then this scheme would be very suitable. The scheme can also cater for complete beginners in Traditional Chinese Medicine with additional theory classes.

How does it work?

After discussing your requirements with our Principal Professor Song Ke, you will be asked to book a group of training sessions. These can be done as intensively or infrequently as you wish, ranging from daily sessions to once every few weeks, according to your individual requirements.

What does the training involve?

Most of the training involves the trainee observing clinical sessions with their appointed mentor, followed up with discussion and explanation of each patient case. There is however, also time spent with your mentor discussing more general theory and practice. If the trainee is sufficiently advanced and provided that they have necessary insurance cover, then some needling and supervised treatment of patients is also undertaken.

“The opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with highly qualified and experienced professionals in their field, the exposure to a variety of medical conditions and the excellent facilities are invaluable”

– Professor Erezni Yadeni

How much does it cost?

Our fees for clinical training days are £120 per day. This includes supervised treatment of patients, case discussions and mini-lectures.

For more information please contact us on 020 8347 6677 / 020 7272 6888 or e-mail

Clinical Training