Certificate Courses

certificate courses taught by TCM doctorsAt Asanté Academy we offer a number of different certificate courses, which include Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal medicine and Tuina massage. We also offer two shorter courses in Maternity acupuncture and Treating Infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Our certificate courses are divided into theoretical and practical elements, with the majority of each being taught at the main Asante Clinic on Archway Road, London.

Students participating in the acupuncture courses may also gain the opportunity to receive some clinical training at one of our NHS partner clinics. Students following the Chinese Herbs and Tuina courses, additional clinical training can be arranged seperate to that provided in the courses.

Course Fee Total
24-day Course in TCM Acupuncture £120 / day £2,880
24-day Course in Chinese Herbal Medicine £120 / day £2,880
14-day Course in Tuina Massage £120 / day £1,680
4-day Course in Maternity Acupuncture £200 / day £800
4-day Course in Treating Infertility with TCM £200 / day £800