4-Day Certificate Course in Maternity Acupuncture

Since 2006, Asanté Academy of Chinese Medicine has been running a full time Maternity Acupuncture service within the NHS. We are now offering a training course in Maternity acupuncture which will include one-day placement in a NHS hospital.

Course contents

The course will cover all aspects of Maternity acupuncture, including: TCM theory on the physiology and pathology of the female body, TCM theory of pregnancy, TCM theory on birth preparation, labor; Acupuncture and Chinese herbs treatment of complications in pregnancy including breeches etc, treatment of morning sickness, back pain, and TCM post-natal care including depression, breastfeeding problems, weight problems, sleeping problems, etc.

Course structure

This four-day training course will be open to all qualified acupuncturists and will consist of three days of lectures at Asanté Academy, followed by one day of clinical training.

All lectures will take place at Asanté Academy. The clinical training will take place during the week on days agreed with each student.

This unique and comprehensive course will be taught by Professor Ke and his team of experienced TCM practitioners.

This course runs frequently throughout the year in small groups or one-to-one training.


On completion of the course, all students will undergo a written examination. Successful students will receive a Diploma in Maternity Acupuncture.


The cost of the course is £800.
You can pay by card over the telephone by calling us on the below numbers during office hours.


If you have any further queries or just would like more details, please contact us on:
Tel: 020 7272 6888 / 020 8347 6677
Email: info@asante-academy.com