24-Day Certificate Course in TCM Acupuncture

If you are a healthcare professional such as a GP, Physiotherapist or Registered Nurse who is looking to add acupuncture to your skill base then you may be interested in our 24-Day Certificate Course in TCM Acupuncture. This course is also open to everyone who is interested in becoming an acupuncturist, provided they already have, or intend to train for, a qualification in Anatomy and Physiology Course Structure

The course is taught over 24 training days, which take place every other weekend (normally Saturdays) between 10.00am and 4.00pm. This course is a combination of clinical training and theory learning.

Clinical placements is undertaken in the Asanté Academy and within our NHS hospital clinics. Additionally, extra clinical placement sessions can also be arranged at a cost of £120 per day.

Theory covers the following topics (see Course Syllabus) in the form of lectures and seminars. The final day is a written examination.

24-Day Certificate Course in TCM Acupuncture Syllabus:

  • Basic theory of TCM
  • Diagnostics of TCM (Tongue & pulse)
  • Aetiology and Pathogenesis of TCM
  • Meridians and Acu-points
  • Acupuncture techniques, Moxibustion and cupping
  • Clinical treatment of Acupuncture
  • Basic Tuina Manipulations and Chinese herbal medicine
  • Clinical placement and practice
  • Review and exam

24-Day Certificate Course in TCM Acupuncture Fee

Course fees for the 24-day course are £2880. Payment can be made in instalments.


On successful completion of the course and examination, and provided you have received training in Anatomy and Physiology, either before or during the course, then you will be awarded a Certificate in TCM Acupuncture.


In order to practice acupuncture, you will need to apply for insurance once you have completed the course. In the UK, graduates of this course are enabled to apply for membership of some professional bodies. Provided you pass the exam set by those professional bodies, you will then be able to arrange Practitioner Indemnity Insurance through them.


Teaching for the 24-Day Certificate Course in TCM Acupuncture is on a one to one basis, however, it is also possible to organise group bookings for 3 or more people. For group bookings, we are able to offer a discounted rate on course fees. Please contact the clinic directly for more information. This course is run throughout the year. Start dates are flexible and can be arranged between the student(s) and teaching doctor(s).


To apply to join the course please contact the Asanté Academy office for an application pack and prospectus on 020 7272 6888 or email:info@asante-academy.com