Asanté’s 20th Anniversary

Asanté's 20th Anniversary
The Evolution of Asanté

A Celebration of Continued Success!

As 2019 draws to a close and we prepare to see in the new year, the team at Asanté are looking to 2020 as a year to celebrate. The coming year will see Asanté’s 20th Anniversary!!

The Beginning of a Journey.

In 1999, Professor Song Xuan Ke conceived the idea of creating a Traditional Chinese medicine clinic with the ability to provide teaching experience for new students. Thus, the Asanté Academy of Chinese Medicine was brought into being.

The year 2000 saw the inauguration and opening of Asanté Academy in Archway, North London. The opening of Asanté also saw the beginning of a hugely successful partnership with Middlesex University.

This partnership paved the way to providing the first full-time BSc Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This was not just in U.K. however, but also in Europe. The 5-year degree was validated by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The course was hugely successful, providing the highest standard of teaching combined with outstanding clinical experience. One of the highlights being the opportunity to undertake a 6 month clinical placement in Beijing!

Asanté’s journey within edutcation has also seen many exchanges with other highly respected Chinese Medicine institutions around the world and in China. These include our work with Hubei University of TCM, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Shanghai University of TCM

Asanté’s early success is a testament to the dedication and hardwork put in by the practitioners and teachers. Special recognition must go to Professor Song Xuan Ke (Founder & Principal), Mr. Michael McIntyre, the late Giovanni Maciocia, Vice-Principals Ms. Dan Jiang & Mr. Hang Li , Dr. Zhi Xiu Lin and Dr. Fan Yi Meng to name but a few.

Asanté and the NHS.

Asanté became the one of first Chinese Medicine clinics in the UK to develop a working partnership with the NHS. In 2002 the Pain Clinic was established at the Whittington Hospital in Archway. Following this, in 2005 Asanté expanded it’s working links with the Whittington Hospital, opening the Acupuncture Maternity service in the Labour Ward of the hospital. 2005 also saw the opening of another Pain Clinic, this time at the North Middlesex Hospital in Edmonton, North London.

Buiding on the success of our work within the NHS, in 2009, we established a third Pain Clinic. This was set-up at the well known Royal Free hospital in London.

The staff of Asanté are extremely proud of the partnerships we have developed with the NHS and the work we have done together. Over the years, we have treated many thousands of patients and look forward to continuing to do so for many more years.

Our Partnerships.

Besides our work with the NHS, Asanté has over the years collaborated with numerous organisations to provide Chinese Medicine to a wider group of people. This also helps to promote awareness and knowledge of Chinese Medicine in the wider community. Since 2002 we have worked with the charity Chinese National Healthy Living Centre.

Asanté’s collaborative efforts were not linked soley with healthcare organistions however. From 2011 we provided our authenic Traditonal Chinese medicine treatments to clients and guest at the Chuan Spa of the Langham Hotel in London. More recently, starting in 2018, we excitedly began our new partnership with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. As a result, we now regularly provide exclusive Chinese Medicine treatments at the Spa of their London flagship hotel in Knightsbridge.

Looking to the future.

As we move further into the 21st Century and Chinese medicine becomes more widely recognised, it is important that we explore new avenues to promote the success of what we have already achieved and also how we can further promote Asanté and Chinese Medicine.

During the second half of 2019, Professor Ke has been actively engaging in such activities. The main focus of which is deepening links between Asanté and European Chinese Medicine institutes and practitioners.

In another exciting development, Professor Ke attended the 1st World Congress of Acupuncture and TCM in Portugal. During his visit, he met many practitioners and teachers from Portugal, Europe and also Brazil. What makes this so potentially exciting however, is the fact that Portugal recently became the first European Country to give legal recognition to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The opportunites to expand Asanté’s future working and teaching partnerships are vast and we will be actively working to build many successful relationships in the near future.

Professor Ke at the 1st World Congress of Acupuncture and TCM.

Thank you for your support.

As 2019 draws to a close, we finally have to give recognition to everybody who has contributed to makeing Asanté’s 20th Anniversary possible. There are too many people to name individually but we give thanks to everyone who has helped over the years, from practitioners and teaching staff to students and patients. Without these valuable contributions, Asanté Academy would not be the established clinical and teaching centre it is today!!