Weight Problems

Weight problems are increasingly prevelant in the Western world and the common perception about people who are overweight is that they become that way through overeating, but this is not necessarily the case.

Some people eat less than others, yet still put on weight. However, there are two points of influence here – what you eat and what you are. Some people have a more efficient metabolism than others, and process the food more efficiently. Too many fatty foods and dairy products are not good for the system, particularly in someone with a tendency to gain weight. Rice and vegetables is a much more sensible diet. It may not be necessary to eat less, just to change your eating habits.

People with a sluggish metabolism, it is thought in Chinese Medicine, produce a lot of internal phlegm and dampness owing to a weakness of the kidneys and spleen. They should eat more “warm” foods. Spleen and kidney tonics may be prescribed by a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Exercise will also help.

People who are underweight may either not be eating enough, or not be eating well enough. Others who eat well yet cannot gain weight need help with their stomach and intestines, to help them absorb food more efficiently. People with diabetes who lose weight are thought to need help with the kidneys. It is not possible to list the herbs that could be used to treat weight problems. It is very much an individual matter, dependent upon the patient. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will prescribe accordingly.

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