Varicose Veins

Bad circulation is a major cause varicose veins, in which the veins become knotted, lengthened and distended. Although the legs are most commonly affected, veins inside the rectum may also become varicose and can also occasionally occur around the vulva in pregnancy. In the case of leg veins, the blood flow becomes obstructed in the rectum and causes the one-way valve on the veins to lose their efficiency, allowing the blood to flow backwards. The result is increased pressure and distension. People who spend long periods standing are particularly susceptible, and it is one of the problems of pregnancy for many women.

 Varicose veins can lead to more serious complications, and Chinese Medicine treatment involves moving the qi and the blood in the body. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will prescribe Chinese angelicaastragalus and cinnamon twigs. There are also Chinese herbal medicines which can be used externally. Honey can help to sterilize the area where the veins are ulcerated and hasten the re-growth of the skin.

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