Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder which usually strikes between the teens and twenties, often affecting very bright and promising young people. They may suffer delusions of persecution, for example that messages are coming through the television, or that their minds are being controlled by some hidden force. They may hear voices instructing them to violent or bizarre acts, and suffer from irrational fears.

Chinese Medicine considers schizophrenia to be a problem of imbalance between heart, kidneys and liver. The spirit, the shen which normally resides in the heart, is floating and not controlled. To clam the shen, the heart and kidneys will be nourished and the liver soothed. In order to maintain physical and mental balance, the vulnerable spirit must be housed safely, and if this is not the case, then the heart must be too weak to do its job properly. One well-known Chinese Medicine remedy is Emperor Tea Pills which work in unison with the Free and Easy Wanderer.

In Chinese Medicine, treatment for schizophrenia includes acupuncture and several metals: cinnabar and even gold are used regularly and are both very effective. A common technique in Chinese Medicine hospitals is to make a small incision in the skin of the arm and insert a tiny piece of gold, in rather the same way that hormone implants are carried out in this country. The process cannot be done by Chinese Medicine practitioners practising in Britain, as they are not allowed to carry out even small surgical operations.

There is an old, and still widely held belief in China that pure gold will calm the spirit and calm the evil in the body. Gold is greatly prized for its therapeutic properties. Babies often wear either gold or silver bracelets, anklets or chains, not just because the metals protect the shen, but because they are considered to be a good monitor of general health. A silver bracelet will change colour according to the chemicals excreted by the pores, and acts as a barometer to the child’s condition. In China, convulsions can be treated by boiling a piece of pure gold, a ring or a similar piece of jewelry, and giving the child the warm water to drink. It may be that some extract from the gold seeps into the water.

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