Rubella – German Measles

Seldom serious, except if caught by an expectant mother in the early months of pregnancy, rubella is highly infectious, but once it is over, the patient usually has immunity for life.

Rubella starts as a mild fever, then the glands become swollen behind the ears and an orangy-pink rash appears on the face and spreads to the rest of the body. It is possible for girls to have an injection against rubella at thirteen years of age. Any woman who contracts the disease during the first three months of pregnancy should discuss the matter with the ante-natal doctor. A termination may be advised.

Chinese Medicine theory sees rubella as an external windheat invasion or wind-cold. The treatment to clear the wind and heat includes ledebouriella root and schizonepeta. Mulberry leaves, or honeysuckle or chrysanthemum flowers will be used where the problem is diagnosed as heat. When wind cold is diagnosed, cinnamon twigs will be added.

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