Osteoarthritis is the result of wear and tear on the joints, damaging the cartilage between the bones. The joints may become swollen and deformed, mainly at the hips, knuckles and spine. Osteoarthritis can be successfully treated by Chinese Medicine if it is caught in the early stages. It is seen as mainly due to weakness in the kidney and the liver, plus a lack of energy causing stagnation in the blood. It is important to keep warm A Chinese Medicine practitioner will prescribe Pubescent angelica root, ledebouriella root, or timospora stem, cinnamon twigs and mulberry twigs to warm the channels of the body and the blood, improving circulation and nourishing the joints. This helps to stop further deterioration in advanced cases, and can sometimes bring about a cure if treatment begins at the very first signs of the disease. When the joints are badly damaged, they cannot be restored.

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