A person is considered obese when they weigh 20 per cent or more above the average for their height and build. Causes of obesity can be very complicated. The most common may be overeating and inactivity, but many obese people have a metabolism problem or a hormone imbalance.

Chinese Medicine considers obesity to be connected with the spleen and kidneys. Sufferers of obesity have too much phlegm or dampness in the body. Trying to lose weight through diet will have short-term results. According to Chinese Medicine theory a “cold” food diet (ie lots of salad and fruit etc) will further weaken the spleen. Sufferers should eat healthy food in moderation.

A Chinese Medicine practitioner will aim to strengthen the deficient organs. Acupuncture can help. Herbal medicine treatment is complicated in these cases, and very individual, but it can certainly be an aid. Once the harmony of the body is restored to balance, the metabolism will process food properly, and excess weight should no longer be a problem, provided the correct foods are taken in moderate quantities.

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