Nettle Rash – Urticaria

The medical name for nettle rash is urticaria. It is also sometimes called hives. With nettle rash raised red patches or weals appear on the skin, causing swelling and intense itching. Nettle rash may be due to a food allergy, and can sometimes be caused by a reaction to aspirin. Stress is also a contributory factor in some cases, and often makes the condition worse. In bad cases of nettle rash, the eyes, lips and throat can swell dramatically. If this happens, seek medical help immediately. According to Chinese Medicine theory when the condition is red and hot it is attributed to heat and wind; in cases where there is a cold white rash, Chinese Medicine sees it as due to cold and wind. The lung channels must be opened to expel the wind and calm the body. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will prescribe Schizonepeta or ledebouriella root for this.

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