Nephritis is inflammation of the kidneys, often following a streptococcal infection of the throat, flu or tonsillitis. Nephritis usually affects children. The Kidneys cease to function, leading to raised blood pressure, vomiting or sometimes fits. The urine is scanty, and has a smoky or bloody tinge. Fluid retention causes tissue swelling around the eyes, and repeated attacks can lead to chronic kidney failure. Modern medicine treats with anti-biotics and diuretic drugs. In Chinese Medicine the problem is connected with the lungs, spleen and kidneys, and all three will treated. According to Chinese Medicine theory when there is a blockage of the lungs, causing oedema, acute nephritis often follows. Chinese Medicine practitioners regard it as the heat from those conditions invading the lungs. Oedema can also be connected with a weakness of the spleen, tiredness and swollen limbs, but some kinds also involve kidney deficiency, so the overall treatment has to be carefully chosen. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will prescribe Bamboo leaves, thistle or water plantain and rhubarb. If nephritis becomes chronic, toning herbs will include Six Rehmannia Pills and Return Spleen Pills. Any possibility of a kidney infection must be checked immediately with a GP.

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