Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are small round or oval ulcers with a yellowish edge which can appear for no apparent reason, and recur regularly. They are very painful and can take about a week to clear. They may indicate that the sufferer is run down, or they may be stress- related.

A Chinese Medicine practitioner sees mouth ulcers as caused by either heat in the heart, heat in the stomach or weakness of the kidneys. If mouth ulcers occur on the tongue, the cause according to Chinese Medicine is heat in the heart, or sometimes the spleen. Mouth ulcers around the gums are caused by heat in the stomach. If they are all over the mouth, and the ulcers constantly recur, Chinese Medicine theory sees this is as being caused by the kidneys. People who suffer from mouth ulcers should avoid spicy foods, deep-fried foods or acidic fruit like citrus fruit. Plenty of greens should be included in the diet, the bowels should be kept open and plenty of sleep is also recommended.

If you have a bad problem, consult a Chinese Medicine practitioner and he will prescribe according to the symptoms. Rhubarbrehmannia root, lily root, or the Chinese remedy Six Flavoured Rehmannia Pills are also used. Herbs made into powder can be applied direct to the ulcers to make them heal more quickly.

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