Lumbago is pain in the small of the back, sometimes brought on by lifting or when muscles are strained or torn and go into spasm. In severe cases of lumbago, the back can seize up, leaving the patient unable to straighten up. A slipped disc or the displacement of vertebrae can also be responsible for lumbago. X-rays or blood tests may be called for to establish the source of the trouble.

In Chinese Medicine if it is a straightforward case of lumbago, acupuncture is generally very effective, particularly for acute conditions. If there is spinal trouble, some kind of manipulation may be necessary. Chronic lumbago, particularly in old people, responds well to Chinese Medicine treatment. A tincture, or herbs which can be soaked in wine or spirits during the winter, will be prescribed to warm the body, improve the circulation and stop the pain. Cibot rhizome, achyranthes root or acanthopanax bark can be put in alcohol or spirits. For problems caused by injury, a different treatment would be given. Acupressure and Tui Na massage are also effective in treating many back problems.

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