Hepatitis A is more acute, but easier to treat. It is a virus, affecting the liver, and spread through contaminated food or sewage. Symptoms of hepatitis A resemble influenza at the onset, accompanied by nausea and loss of appetite. Jaundice follows and lasts for two to three weeks and the patient feels weak, depressed and generally run down for some months afterwards.

Hepatitis B is more serious. It has similar symptoms to the Hepatitis A virus, but can lead to acute liver failure of cirrhosis of the liver. The virus is transmitted by the blood of body fluids and some people are actually carriers without being aware of it until it shows up in a blood test. No medical system can as yet claim an effective treatment for the Hepatitis B virus.

As with cancer, there is promising research going on in China. Some Chinese herbs can improve the immune system. Chinese Medicine treatment is always given on an individual basis. An acute attack causing jaundice is regarded as excessive damp heat from the liver and the gallbladder. Oriental wormwood is effective for this, and also gardenia fruit.

Lack of energy, tiredness and pain associated with Hepatitis B would be treated by a Chinese Medicine practitioner with tonic herbs including American ginseng,peony root, mulberry fruit, liquorice, dogwood fruit and grassy privet. Astragalus and Chinese angelica will strengthen the liver.

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