Heart Disorders

Many very efficient drugs have been developed by Western medicine to alleviate heart conditions. Surgery is extremely sophisticated and routinely carried out to insert pacemakers or to by-pass affected arteries. In China, some of the most effective treatments have used a combination of both Chinese Medicine and modern medicine.

A Chinese Medicine practitioner regards coronary heart disease as a yang qi deficiency, meaning that the force which moves the blood is weakened; causing bloodand qi stagnation which triggers the pain and the blockage. Chinese Medicine treatment is started to warm the heart, tone the energy, clear the blockage and move the blood.

Palpitations are due according to Chinese Medicine to heart yin and blood deficiency and are caused by stress, fatigue, anxiety and nervousness. The treatment aims to nourish the heart, lungs and blood. Many herbs effectively strengthen the heart energy and move the qi. Cinnamon twigs, dried ginger and red sage are good for moving the heart blood.

In the Chinese Medicine hospital in Tianjin, infusions of red sage and black aconite are given to heart attack victims and the recovery rates much faster than with Western treatment alone. Herbs to nourish the yin and blood include lilyturf root, liquorice, dogwood fruit, wild jujube seed and Chinese angelica root. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that aconite has similar properties to the Western medicine digoxin.

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