Always consult your doctor if you develop sudden illnesses, some of which may be serious. However, for the everyday type of headache caused by tension, a simple Chinese Medicine remedy which you can make at home is spring onion tea. Use the white part of the plant only, and boil three or four onions in a mugful of water.

Headache suffered after a recovery from a stroke will be treated by Chinese Medicine with lovage tuber. Wild ginger or wild angelica will be used for migraines. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will suggest you seek hospital investigation straight away if a serious condition is suspected.

Migraine in Chinese Medicine is connected with the liver, gallbladder and stomach, and caused by excessive stagnation of energy in the liver and gallbladder which then invades the stomach. The pain above the eyes, or flashing lights with pain in the forehead or sides of the head, indicates involvement of the channels from the liver. The nausea which often accompanies migraine attacks is liver invasion of the stomach. Chinese Medicine treatment will concentrate on strengthening and toning the stomach, reducing the tension in the liver, moving the qi from the liver and gallbladder. Ginsengporiaginger, and Chinese date would be used for the stomach;skullcap, thorowax root, and strong purging herbs such as Chinese gentian grass for the liver. Acupuncture is often effective in alleviating migraine attacks and Chinese meditation techniques can also help.

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