Glue ear

Glue ear is an accumulation of fluid behind the eardrum which is caused through blockage of the Eustachian tube.

In Chinese Medicine, glue ear is caused by excessive dampness and heat in the body. It prevents the bones in the middle ear from vibrating properly, leading to increasing deafness. There may be a thick, smelly discharge, roaring or clicking noises in the ear and swollen lymph glands. If not treated, the bones can become fused, leading to complete deafness. Allopathic treatment may involve minor surgery to remove some of the fluid, and inserting a grommet (a small tube) to allow the remainder to drain away.

Chinese Medicine treatment aims to eliminate damp and heat from the gallbladder channel. Avoid dairy products, sugar, spicy food and alcohol. Skullcaprhubarb,plantain and peony will help. This is a complicated and long-lasting condition and hygiene is important. Sufferers must be careful when swimming, avoiding getting water in the ear. Herb drops can be put in the ear to clear the local infection.

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