Glandular Fever

Glandular Fever is a viral infection spread by close personal contact, for example kissing. The disease incubates for as long as seven weeks, after which the patient develops swollen lymph glands on the neck, armpit and groin, enlarged tonsils with a white seepage, and often a much-enlarged spleen. There may be a rash similar to German measles, and jaundice may develop. The diagnosis for glandular fever is confirmed by a blood test, but there is no conventional treatment apart from painkillers to ease discomfort and reduce the temperature. Complete rest and plenty of liquids are important, and symptoms usually disappear by the second or third week, but the patient may take much longer to recover fully.

Chinese Medicine views glandular fever as heat and phlegm in the blood, liver and stomach. The expanding heat causes the glands to swell and this must be cleared first. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will prescribe Red peony, dyers woad leaf, honeysuckleforsythia fruitchrysanthemum flowers, dandelions, indigo and pigeon pea to clear the heat. The exhaustion which often accompanies the illness would then be treated with different herbal remedies.

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