Emphysema is a progressive and incurable disease which often affects very heavy smokers, or people who have worked with pollutants, or sometimes asthmatics and those who suffer from chronic bronchitis. Emphysema impairs the elasticity of the lungs and therefore affects the circulation. This puts further strain on the heart which has to work harder to pump the blood and can eventually lead to heart failure.

Chinese Medicine treatment for emphysema will attempt to strengthen the lung along with the heart and kidneys. If the heart action can be strengthened, it can help the circulation and improve the blood supply to the lung. If the kidneys are made stronger it can help the lung to function more effectively and thus improve respiration.

In Chinese medicine it is believed that the air breathed in by the lungs is “grasped” by the kidneys. When the kidney is bolstered, the body fluids will improve, so that inside the lung there will be less mucus blocking the air passages. Remedies like the Six Gentlemen will helpwith emphysema, but every case is different and a Chinese Medicine practitioner will prescribe accordingly. Treatment is very difficult.

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