Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s Disease is caused by inflammation of the ileum near the large intestine. Crohn’s Disease is recurrent, though there can be weeks, months or sometimes years between attacks. Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease include diarrhoea, and cramping pains after a meal, and the condition reduces the absorption of food, leading to a general feeling of debility. Surgical operations are sometimes performed in severe cases, but are not always successful.

Chinese Medicine sees Crohn’s Disease as a condition caused by weakness of the kidneys and also sometimes of the spleen. Treatment with Chinese Medicine will be aimed at helping the kidneys to improve the quality of the blood, so that the antibodies will increase in the bowel, allowing it to safeguard itself. Toning the kidneys is more important than treating the bowel alone. The stomach and spleen must also be treated, and a strict diet followed. This is not an easy problem to solve. A Chinese Medicine practitioner will use herbs such as aconite, poria, dried ginger and astragalus.
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