Conjuctivitis is inflammation of the membrane which covers the white of the eye and the inside of the lids. Conjunctivits is often caused by a virus or by bacterial infections, but allergy or other factors can cause the problem. The eye becomes red and sore, and sometimes emits a sticky, yellowish discharge.

Chinese Medicine attributes conjucntivitis to wind heat, and if cases are mild, it can be treated without consulting a doctor. Sufferers should drink plenty of liquids, particularly Chinese herbal teas such as chrysanthemum or honeysuckle, both of which are very effective in expelling heat. Self-heal or bamboo leaves may be prescribed by a Chinese Medicine practitioner.

The teas can also be used to wash the eyes externally. The washing should be done twice daily, when the water is just warm. If conjunctivitis is acute, or develops after a visit to a tropical country, it is wise to seek early medical advice, as the symptoms may indicate something more serious.
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