Chickenpox is a common children’s disease which according to Chinese Medicine is caused by a combination of winddamp and heat. Chickenpox can also affect adults. Chickenpox is highly infectious, but usually mild in childhood. Symptoms start with a raised temperature and an itchy rash covering the body, limbs, face and head. The spots are pink at first, then turn into blisters and then scabs. The chickenpox virus remains infectious until the spots disappear after about five days.

In Chinese medicine, two forms of treatment for chickenpox are involved. Toxins must be eliminated from the body through the skin. The spots and blisters are encouraged to come out quickly. Many flowers such as saffronhoneysuckle and chrysanthemum will expel toxic substances from the body. Then the blood must be cooled by draining herbs, which will clear by inducing urination and expel more toxins that way, to prevent the skin from scarring.

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