Bright’s Disease

Bright’s Disease is an inflammation of the tiny filtering units in the kidneys called glomeruli, causing red blood cells and proteins to leak into the urine. Symptoms of Bright’s Disease are smokey or red urine passed in small amounts, puffy ankles, due to fluid retention, nausea and vomiting, abnormal sleepiness or drowsiness, and a general feeling of illness. Bright’s Disease must be treated quickly, as if many of the filtering units are affected, high blood pressure or kidney failure can result.

A Chinese Medicine practitioner would see Bright’s Disease as caused by weakness not just of the kidneys but also of the spleen, accompanied by damp or heatinvasion of the body. Antibiotics will help, but Chinese Medicine works towards strengthening the kidneys and spleen. A Chinese Medicine diet will be recommended, avoiding damp and spicy foods.

Chinese Herbal treatments are very effective and can improve urination and tone the affected organs. Water plantain, bamboo leaves, liquorice, dogwood and mulberry fruit will all be used.

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